Thursday, 8 June, VIESTE (Italy): Staring at a 45 point deficit to championship leader and arch-rival Jeremy Poret is not the kind of start to the season that 2015 world champion Kevin Reiterer had envisaged.


The Austrian rider had a troublesome opener with reliability issues thwarting his every move, finishing outside the points in Moto1 retiring in Moto2.


Reiterer has the luxury of a choice of Ski at his disposal, the new Kawasaki or the new SDC Whale, but is having this option confusing the issue for the six-time GP winner and 10-time Moto winner in terms of which Ski to opt for. “Maybe a little bit but it depends. Last week I chose the SDC because for me it is all about having fun and pushing myself to the limit. I couldn’t do that on the Kawasaki. I really tried in the pole position and practice but then made the decision to switch to the SDC.” said Reiterer. “It fits my riding style it is more challenging. The Kawasaki is boring. It doesn’t require a lot of riding skills and if you do have skills it doesn’t help you or give you anything. I can push a Ski to go faster using my skills and physical abilities.”


So how does Reiterer approach round 2 in Vieste? “It is about being consistent, getting through the race and not making any crazy moves. Of course it’s important that the Ski works without issues. Last time out Kylie did a complete Moto on it and did well. My first lap a bolt comes off. I was so unlucky but if the Ski holds up I won’t be going for 120 per cent to try and make up ground. It will come to me if it’s meant to be. I will ride my own race and try to get as many points back.


“If the conditions are rough like they are today it will be a tough decision. Maybe I opt for the Kawasaki. Not because of the hull or the power but the fact it’s pretty much a stock Ski and the chances of breaking are almost none. I can always tune down an engine but the forecast looks better over the next few days so I think I will go with the SDC.”