Day 1: Registration and technical scrutineering.

Day 2: Free practice and Pole Position/qualifying.

Day 3: Free practice and Moto 1 with Parallel Slalom and a Freestyle night show at selected events.

Day 4: Free practice, Moto 2 and podium presentations.

(Race programme and timetable are subject to final race instructions and daily rider briefings which are mandatory for all competitors to attend.)


Pole Position and start positions for heat 1 of Runabout GP1 and Ski GP1 (men) are determined by a two-tiered official qualifying session, with the finishing order of heat 1 determining the start order for heat 2.

Q1: a 15 minute session for all competitors running multiple laps with the top 10 going through to Q2. The times set by those that didn’t qualify for Q2 denote their starting positions.

Q2: After a short break, the times are reset and the top ten run for a further 10-minute session.

The start positions in Ski Ladies are determined by one single 15 minute session.

If a rider is deemed by officials to have stopped unnecessarily on the circuit or impeded another rider during qualifying his or her times may be cancelled.


Runabout GP1: 25 minutes plus one lap / max 25 riders

Ski GP1: 15 minutes plus one lap / max 30 riders

Ski GP1 Ladies: 15 minutes plus one lap

Start procedure:

Either a dead engine start from a quay, jetty or beach or rolling start of three lines; competitors classified 1-5 in qualifying line 1, 6-10 line 2, 11-15 line 3 the remainder in line 4 (subject to overall competitor numbers).

Points allocation:

(1.) 25pts (2.) 20 (3.) 16 (4.) 13 (5.) 11 (6.) 10 (7.) 9 (8.) 8 (9.) 7 (10.) 6 (11.) 5 (12.) 4 (13.) 3 (14.) 2 (15.) 1

In the event of a two riders tied on points after both heats, it is the classification in heat 2 that will determine the overall Grand Prix winner.


The use of flags is the primary communication between riders and race officials on land and race and safety marshals on water.

Not responding to any given ‘flag signals’ can result in penalties and or disqualification from the race or competition.

Green Flag: open circuit and race start

Yellow flag: warns of a safety hazard on the course

Blue flag: signals that a rider is being overtaken and lapped

Red flag: race stopped

Black flag: disqualification of a rider from the heat

White flag: start of the last lap

Chequered flag: end of race

(In addition to flags, officials and marshals use whistles and hand gestures to communicate to riders during the heats, qualifying and free practice sessions, and as with flag signals, not responding can result in penalties).


3 minutes each / max 10 riders

Points that are awarded in qualifying determine the starting order of moto 1 with the Freestyler with the most points starting last. The starting order of moto 2 is the reverse order of the results of moto 1.

Points are allocated by a panel of five judges up to a maximum of 100; up to 35 for variety of tricks, 30 for quantity, 30 for style and up to 5 for tricks without the use of hands/feet!! The points amassed equate to the riders position and allocation of world championship points.