03 October 2012

Wednesday, 3 October, LIUZHOU (China): Eight talented riders from China will take to the waters of the River Liu looking to upstage their European rivals over the next few days in the Grand Prix of China.


Li Qianqian from Anhui and Giong Zhang from Jiangxi have both competed in the World Championship in previous seasons and will line up in SKI GP1 alongside their male peers, Ma Youle and Qin Liguo – the girls looking to upset Championship rivals Stefania Balzer and Pija Sumer, while the men take on Champion elect Jeremy Poret and Nachete Armillas.


In the heavyweight division, Runabout GP1, Yan Shuai, Wu Rong Hua, Fan Zhi Xiong and local rider Liang Wenzhou will pitch their skills against the likes of Championship leader Francois Medori, Lorenzo Benaglia and Cyrille Lemoine.