27 June 2022
Salonen and Morlaes celebrate Grand Prix of Poland Title in Ski GP1 and Ski Ladies
Sunday 26 June – Elk ( Poland) -  Hungary ‘s Gyorgy Kasza is the unexpected winner of Grand Prix of Poland in Runabout GP1.
Kasza clinched the Grand Prix title after finishing second in today’s third and deciding Moto won by Sweden’s Samuel Johannson who, with 0 poins in Moto 2, was unable to reach the podium.
Second place in the podium by only 1 point from Kasza, for the “home star” Andrzey Wisniewski who, after finishing sixth in Moto1, produceded an outstanding perfomance in the last 2 Motos finishing first and second.
Third place for France’s Francois Medori ahead of Samuel Johansson. Zsolt Cseke and Mattias Siimann completing the top six.
Severi Salonen produced an outstanding performance to take her third Moto victory in Ski GP1 and win the UIM-ABP Grand Prix of Poland with a perfect score.
It was an unchanged standing in the 3 Motos of the Grand Prix with Anthony Bernaaut finishing on the second place and Tommy Olin completing the podium.
Virginie Morlaes flew the flag for France with an impressive performance, leading from start-to-finish to win the third Moto in Ski ladies Division.
“I am feeling great - said Morlaes- it was a super battle. I falled down and I made 2 turns but I restarted and at the end it was ok”.
With a second place in Moto 1 and a first one in Moto 2 the French rider won the Grand Prix title ahead of the 2020 World Ranking Winner Estonia’s Jasmiin Ypraus who was penalized by her fall at the end of Moto 2. Sweden’s Janina Johansson finished in the third spot of the podium.
Winning two Podiums with a perfect score in the same Grand Prix is becoming an habit for Mattias Reinaas who, for the third consecutive Grand Prix, finished in first position in both Ski GP2 and Ski GP3.
In Ski GP2 he was followed in all the 3 Motos by Matteo Valente and Henri Koppas who finished respectively in the second and third spot of the Podium of the Grand Prix.
In Ski GP3 the battle for the runners-up spot of the podium was won by Hungary’s Csaba Suli with Portugal’s Diego Barbosa completing the podium.
Mattias Siimann clinched the Runabout GP2 Grand Prix title after finishing second in today’s third and deciding Moto winning his second podium of the Grand Prix.
Poland’s Marcin Senda ,with 2 second places and 1 Moto win, took the second position with Lituania’s Jaciauskas Mindaugas completing the Grand Prix podium.
With 3 Motos won and a perfect score Mattias Siimann clinched the podium in Runabout GP4 confirming his leadership.
Spain’s Alejandro Prats Palau took the second place of the podium with the winner of Runabout GP4 Juniors Petr Dryjak on third spot. 
Great result for the freestyler Roberto Mariani who finished in fourth position.
It was a family affair in Runabout GP4 Ladies and GP4 Juniors with 2 siblings on the first step of the podiums.
Nikola Dryjakova won her second consecutive Grand Prix in Runabout GP Ladies with a perfect score ahead of Poland’s Amanda Karasek with Estonia’s Annemarie Randla on third spot.
Dryjakova’s younger brother Petr Dryjak with 3 Motos won conquered the podium in the junior category of Runabout GP4 “I wish to thanks my sister for this victory as I learned a lot from her”- said the young rider from Czech Republic.
Despite his ninth place in Moto 3 but with 2 wins in Moto 1 and 2 Lituania’s Nerijus Juodis grabbed the podium of Runabout GP1 Veterans.
Freestyle European Champion Roberto Mariani sealed the overall Grand Prix victory in Freestyle winning all Motos with a score of 77 with  countryman Massimo Accumulo taking the runners-up spot from Portuguese Matteo Valente.
Grand Prix titles for the Juniors: Hungarian Lajos Komonyi is the winner Ski Juniors 3.3 with former World Champion Estonian rider Ander-Hubert Lauri, winner of Moto3, in second place and Portugal’s Manuel Leite in the last spot of the Podium.
Hungary’s Marvin Bohuslav with three Motos won was the undisputed leader in Ski Juniors 3.2.