19 May 2022
Thursday, 19 May -  Two weeks ago the opening round  of the UIM-ABP Aquabike Continental European Championship scheduled in Otranto, had to be canceled due to a somewhat controversial interpretation of the current rules;  the objection was  advanced by the chief officer of the Coast Guard of Otranto and today we are pleased to announce that the Italian Minister of Transports, the competent governing body on such matter, has expressed its opinion.
The facts: according to the Coast Guard in Otranto all the drivers competing in all Aquabike categories must hold an official boating license issued by the competent ICC national authorities of the various competitors.
Such a unique reading of the provisions applicable to powerboat competitions,  which by definition are governed by the rules of the competent national and international Sport Federations, took everyone by surprise and led to the cancellation of the event.
Immediate actions were taken by the President of the Italian Olympic Committee who sent a letter to the Minister of Transports asking for a clarification on the subject in respect of the Powerboat sports.
Yesterday the Ministry of Transport clarified  that “ during official Competitions  organized in closed and delimited water course circuits  the boating license is not necessary since the official racing license issued by the Federations is the only required document”.
Thanks to all relevant Institutions; to the FIM - Italian Powerboat Federation - for the support and tireless efforts when producing all relevant  documentation, thanks to the President of the Italian Olympic Committee for taking care in a very short time of this matter and thanks to the Minister for the prompt decision, today, we are glad to confirm that from now on there will no further obstacles in the organization of all powerboat events in Italy.