03 September 2022
Saturday, 3 September, Nyiregyhaza-Levelek (Hungary):   This afternoon for the second Moto of the day in Nyiregyhaza-Levelek for the Grand Prix of Hungary  the Hungary’s State Secretary of Sports Dr. Tunder Szabo  visited the paddock and she had for once the role of Aquabike Official waving the chequered flag at the end of the Motos.
In Ski Division GP3 Hungary’s Csongor Jaszai turned the tables on Moto 1 winner  Mattias Reinaas to take victory in Moto 2, with Reinaas finished second and Markus Erlach third.
Mattias Reinaas remains on course to retain his Ski GP2 european title after taking his second win of the day and heads into the final Moto with maximum points.
Portugal’s Matteo Valente mantains the second position with Henri Koppas on third spot.
Henri Koppas  continued his battle in Runabout GP4 with defending Champion Mattias Siiman, coming out on top for the second time in Moto 2 in the last round of UIM-ABP Aquabike European Continental Championship in Hungary.
Koppas led a processional race from start-to-finish to win by 2.69s from Petrs Dryjak, Marcell Major taking third.
Defending Champion Mattias Siimann was only fifth but with impressive score he looks like to mantain his title at the end of tomorrow’s Moto3.
Spain’s Prats Palau, fourth in the Championship standing, was disqualified for invading other alternate course.
With a second place in Moto 2 behind the two first Motos winner Amanda Karasek, the Czech rider Nikola Dryjakova  eased her way to the European title in Runabout Ladies GP4.
With a comfortable advantage of  50 points  over Carmen Roosmaa,  second in the Championship standing,  all going well tomorrow she will be crowned European Champion.
In Runabout GP4 Junior the first place in Moto 2 went to the estonian Arti Molter with his fellow countryman Karl Keskula on second spot and Mercedesz Cseke third.
Only fourth the points leader Petr Dryjak who has now in Kaskula a dangerous opponent for the conquest of the title.
In Runabout GP1 veterans with Karoly Attila Keri taking the first place in Moto 2 ahead of Zsolt Cseke and Tomas Gurksnys third,  Cseke and Gurksnys, who have only one point of difference, look to be in a two way battle for the title.
Second Moto win for Zek Puskas for the World Title in Ski Junior GP3.2 while in Ski Junior GP3.2 Lajos Komonyi took victory ahead of Csongor Jaszai second and  Ander-Hubert Lauri third: all of them, separated by a bunch of points, going head to head for the podium.
As usual the Pole Position in Freestyle went to the defending and 7 times European Champion Roberto Mariani with Massimo Accumulo in second spot and Portugal’e Paulo Nunes third.